Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Green Egg Boston Butt 5 Lb

sign of life

Yeah, I'm still alive.

What the last few weeks was going on?
War in January with a hammer event.
The six-day race at the Berlin Velodrome.
I'm just feeling goose bumps, especially at the Sports Palace Waltz.
Ne was saugeil.
had been given 2 tickets and I have a colleague with him.
course, he was thrilled.

beginning of February, then my buddies and I went shopping times to Poland, cheap.
Was a very pleasant day and above all very cheap.
1 kilo fish already for 2.78 € and saulecker.
was a very successful day.
Even the train ride went by pretty fast.
And with such a Brandenburg-Ticket and affordable.

mid-February, then a surprise I had taken part in a photo contest and was among the winners. There were only a book price for it, but man is happy.
Ne'm already a bissl proud to be with almost 3,300 photos in the top 15th

Shortly thereafter also published an article in the newspaper, my then authored letter to the editor. There were no more Recognition, but my contribution was very critical and has many fallen. It makes an effort.

Otherwise, the days passed as usual. Monday school, then to work. Take care of Mom, of course, without forgetting my own.
From time to time on photo safari, as the fresh-fallen asked for pictures.
'm also glad that the snow is finally gone, for in spite of the weather each day with the way his bike is quite exhausting.
It is time that spring comes.

Yesterday started my work last week, of course with school.
If, however, went against 10 for the exhibition of the Potsdam garrison church.
was quite interesting and finally a change.
The last few days we will also work rumbekommen yet.
on Friday will be celebrated farewell, well then once again a year around.

's Saturday will then go shopping again to Poland.
gaze times, which gives it very very cheap.
is thus but half the weekend gone again.

My application efforts forward in the meantime, unfortunately not, so I do not know how it goes on Monday.
especially financially, because if you do not get a real job, it must at least a mini Job ago. Whatever.
work I would have enough at home, my doors are still waiting for the completion and so are there is always something to do.

is not, however, individual performance pay.
So you have more work here and fast.


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