Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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Europas.de - Notes and Comments

What will become of Europe? Let's look at Europe. The history of political disasters on the one hand, the small states before and after great empires, the scientific and cultural development with an impressive standard of living on the other hand, in a world that is increasingly networked and better many of the problems can solve together. This is Europe Community to a European Union to its citizens, the United Nations and all human inspiration for freedom, solidarity, common sense and prosperity.

Project Development: Stalled

The European idea, which is not just "bad", but has reasons. Our Europas.de will inform, discuss and get involved. This requires preparation. In addition to editorial issues we deal first with the securities being offered background information and test content management systems for their suitability for the participants. Expected in the 4th Quarter it is in the beta phase. 2009, the public start his project.

Europe NEWS

find being, the Euro-News still Internet Journal .


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