Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can You Tan Before A Brazilian Wax

Germany: 18.6 billion for the European Union in 2007

Brussels (Belgium), 01.07.2008 + + wikinews The national contribution of Germany for the financing of the European Union (EU) in 2007 was 18.6 billion euros. This means an increase by one billion. Other than customs revenue and other revenue.

The net contribution rises to more than 7.4 billion euros. As a reason for EU enlargement to include countries such as Romania and Bulgaria will be accepted. The significantly higher level of support for the neighboring country of Poland plays a role. There, the expenditure in the previous year by over two billion euros in the same rose to 2006. The dynamic economic growth in Germany in 2007 also contributed to the increase. Thus, Germany remains the largest Nettozuzahler the EU.

EU Budget Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaite also stated that Germany was part of the EU funds, 66 million euros, forfeit.


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