Saturday, February 19, 2011

Get Well, Encouragment


change is something to meet the most people with suspicion. Once you're used to something, should we change it again. Why, you think. But actually, the whole life change - it begins with birth and ends with death. Every day is changing every minute, every second, even. Ideally it would be like to live in the moment. The moment it was taught Sri Chinmoy means eternity.

The nature is always changing - spring, summer, autumn and winter alternate. Yeah well, not in Asia, since it is always warm. How beautiful! But what would a spring without winter?

The climate is changing, and whole societies - at the moment anyway! Change can be painful if you do not change and will therefore blocked. But time has no pardon. If the fruits are ripe, they fall from the tree. So it is. No one can really defend themselves, they can only delay the time of change.

For Sri Chinmoy is a human life like a wink. He sees the world differently Eyes measured with inner yards. A person dies, he comes back - soon. For us, it may be an eternity, but in other dimensions, it is just a blink. Thank God! I trust this inner control.

Had I not spiritually oriented, I do not know how to live with all the current changes in the world. People fight fight, starve, cry, and die, while others laugh, dance, eat, drink and then die some day.

The external things are not for eternity, they pass away like the ebb and flow, nothing remains. Except one - the pure love. Love sustains the world.

art: Sri Chinmoy


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